Why I decided to run an online Lean Poker event

For those of you who haven’t been following along, Lean Poker is a coding challenge where teams are developing simple poker playing bots. The catch is, that the bots start playing before people even started coding and keep playing all day long. The challenge is in delivering value quickly and continuously in small iterations so that your bot keeps staying ahead of other bots throughout the day. It’s an extremely intense day with lot of excitement and a chance to learn how to deliver value faster.

Long story short: if you got interested gather some friends (like 2 to 4 of them) and join us on Saturday, 21st of May. Registration is open until the 18th.

The first Lean Poker event was over two years ago, and at the time I didn’t anticipate that by now Lean Poker would be all over the map of Europe, let alone that we will have had events across several locations in Russia. In the coming week we will also have the first ever Lean Poker event in New Zealand. On the other hand it’s not easy to set up these events abroad, and even more challenging when I can not travel to these locations. When people asked me when Lean Poker is coming to their town, the best advice I could give, is that they should organize one themselves.

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So far we had over 2 dozen events, most of them in Europe

Ever since the first event participants kept suggesting that I should organize events online, but I was a bit skeptical. My fear was that I wouldn’t be able to give as much feedback, since I can not talk to teams directly during coding sessions. However as Lean Poker matured I found myself talking less to the teams during coding sessions. Instead I browse the code they commit and reflect on that during the retrospectives. With that in mind I decided to give it a try, and see if it works like that. Maybe it will even help with raising awareness for offline events.

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Participants at a Lean Poker event

Originally appeared on the c0de-x blog.

Lean Poker

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