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Letter sent on May 1, 2017

Lean Startup article roundup — April 2017

Hey Lean Startup folks,

I’ve been traveling and haven’t had as much time to send out newsletters every week, but here are some recent trending articles from April that I hope you’ll enjoy.

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Javid Jamae

How to get your first 10 customers

By: Edith Harbaugh

Truly, the first ten customers are the hardest. You are an unknown company in an unknown market. Even if you do have the perfect product and packaging, only the truly desperate rely on an unknown company. If anyone else was doing it, buyers would prefer to buy from a stable known entity with references and testimonials. That said, here’s how LaunchDarkly got our first ten customers.

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Build Your Company On A Problem, Not Solution

By: JL Rawlence

So how do you know if your problem is worth solving?
Great problems and their solutions all share these 5 qualities:
1. They tie Objective, Motivation and Barrier to one another

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6 Steps To Creating A Startup With Low Failure Risk

By: Sercan Lir

I listed below some of steps that successful startup founders took before they launched their first product. They are not all required. However, the more of the steps you take, the lower risk will your business have to fail.
In other words; 6 steps before you launch your product:
1. Competitor research (20% better than alternative)

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If you Measure Nothing Else, Measure This

By: Aarish Shah

My dad drilled into me — if you earn a pound, and you spend a pound and a penny, that way lies misery. If you earn a pound and spend ninety nine pence, you’ll be a happy man.
Sage advice for sure, but for businesses, whilst the philosophy still stands true, there are many factors that come into play and a penny can become thruppence whilst a pound may shrink to nothing.

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