The Startup Way by Eric Ries is now available for pre-order

Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup (and father of the Lean Startup movement that this publication is here to support) just announced that his new book, The Startup Way is available for pre-order.

He is doing an Ask Me Anything on Product Hunt if you want to ask him any questions about the book. Here is what he said in the kick-off comment on Product Hunt:

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my new book. This is the fist time I’m offering it for pre-order, it comes out in October. I’m actually still working on the manuscript as I type this.
You may not realize this but the ProductHunt community played a big role in helping my Kickstarter campaign that was the research platform for this book (we built a minimum viable product called The Leader’s Guide where many ideas for this book were tested).
This is a totally new book that covers what I’ve been up to since The Lean Startup was published in 2011. Where that book was primarily about how to get started, this book is about what kind of company are we trying to create?
So many entrepreneurs starts new thing because they hate the slowness and brain damage of big companies. But, as I ask in the book, my question is always: “if you hate big companies so much, why are you trying to start a new one?”
Too many of our best companies go on to become sclerotic and bureaucratic — but it doesn’t have to be this way. I think we can stay lean and agile even as we scale. I’m trying to show how in this new book.
Happy to answer questions or hang out in the comments a bit today.
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