CheerpJ 1.4 released

New maintenance release now available

Today we release CheerpJ 1.4, the latest major update to our Java to JavaScript compiler. You can download the latest release of CheerpJ here, with up-to date documentation available on our wiki.

CheerpJ 1.4 is a maintenance release, featuring several bug fixes, extended support for non-ASCII Java fields, improved support for key codes, fixes to reflection, and fixes to some components of AWT.

To update to CheerpJ to version 1.4, simply download the latest version of the compiler here, and rebuild your project with the new compiler. If using the CheerpJ cloud runtime, make sure to change your CheerpJ runtime header to

<script src=”"></script>


Cheerp 1.4 is available to download for Linux, Windows and macOS. To get started with CheerpJ, please visit the main documentation page.

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