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Sunsetting our Developer's Blog on Medium

Dear readers,

All future technical posts about our technologies, including Cheerp, CheerpJ, CheerpX, and WebVM will, from now on, be only published on our own blog https://leaningtech.com/news/?q=technicalblog.

The purpose of this short post is to make sure members of the Medium community are aware that we have continued moving the state of the art of compilers and virtual machines for the Web forward.

Over the last few years, our technical write-ups have received many thousands of visits here on Medium. That has made us proud and kept us motivated to publish high-quality technical content which, in some cases, has become a reference of sorts for the whole field.

Around one year ago, we made the decision to prioritize our own blog and domain, as the primary source for all our posts. Although Medium is somewhat helpful in making content more visible, after looking at the statistics, we concluded that maintaining a Medium mirror of our content is not worth the effort.

To celebrate the impact that Medium had on us, let me share a small list. Here are the three most-read articles that we published:

To avoid missing any of our future posts, make sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server.

Leaning Technologies’ developers, including myself, are always available to answer any questions you might have about our tech and products. See you there!



Leaning Technologies' Blog - everything WebVM, Cheerp, CheerpJ, CheerpX, compile-to-WebAssembly and WebAssembly virtualization

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