What is the LeanJS UX Sprint?

Introducing the LeanJS UX Sprint — here to bring lean UX methodology to your company.

Paul Woodley
Apr 17, 2019 · 4 min read

Our Full Stack Sprint series brings the secrets behind super-fast design and development to organisations. Through ReactJS Academy, we have been teaching React and GraphQL for a while now, but there’s an area we haven’t ventured into yet: UX. That’s all about to change…

Meet the LeanJS UX Design Sprint

Design sprints are quick, focused processes to validate ideas, prototype and test products in a short time period. They can be incredibly helpful for working in a Lean way, which is why we love this concept and have created our own UX design sprint that’s geared to cross-functional working. After-all, as developers, designers, project managers, marketers and stakeholders, we’re all aiming for the same thing, so why not do it together?

The UX design sprint helps improve project processes so you can deliver products on time and on budget. The sprint fits seamlessly into our clients’ organisation because we take real problems they’re facing and show how a Lean UX approach can help them overcome it. We share our proven methodology through hands-on workshops and mentoring. We’d be thrilled to bring this knowledge to your organisation too.

How is this different from other design sprints?

Our UX sprint is a little different to traditional design sprints. That’s because we utilise:

  • Our unique Assumptions Canvas
  • The Value Proposition Canvas (seen being used in the picture above)
  • Design strategy spreadsheet
  • Design-development pairing

We’ll discuss these techniques further in an upcoming blog. For now, let’s look at what our UX sprint would involve for you…

The UX Sprint in a nutshell

First off, we embed ourselves within your organisation for the duration of the sprint. We’ll be at your offices, guiding you through the process and mentoring your team all the way. Every 1 week sprint, we’ll focus on a new problem, moving quickly — as you’d expect in a sprint! — towards an MVP.

Day One — Problem space / research

You can’t solve a problem unless you know what it is!

We’ll work with you to understand your problem and show you how to start tackling it. We’ll use our “Assumptions Canvas” to conduct and validate qualitative stakeholder and user research which will give us key jobs-to-be-done — one of which will be the focus for the rest of the week.

Day Two — Ideation

Now we have the real problem to solve, we’ll start ideation and the design strategy spreadsheet. We’re here to find solutions to your problem, align expectations, and outline an overall strategy — without wireframes! Because…

Day Three — Prototyping in code

On Day Three you’ll create an MVP, fast. If you don’t already know it, we’ll introduce you to design/development pairing, which is great for fostering cross-functional working relationships. We’ll encourage your designers and developers to work together and create a working prototype that can be tested.

Day Four — User testing

You have your MVP, but does it work how you want it to?

To validate the design direction and identify issues with your product, usability testing is essential. We encourage all team members to become observers and see how the user behaves. You’ll then affinity map all findings ready for the final day.

Day Five — Iteration / retros

Findings from Day Four are used to refine the products. We’ll start the day analysing the results, then ideate solutions from them. Another round of dev/designer pairing will follow to create the final MVP that you can share with the rest of the team!

Want to learn more about our UX design sprint?

This is just a quick breakdown of our newest Full Stack Sprint. Want to learn more about how it might benefit your company? Get in touch with our friendly team today!


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