Molten Failure

So we fired up the forge and used the new charcoal, getting it hot enough to melt the metal… along with our crucible spilling all the molten metal out. Now we have to find a new crucible that can withstand higher temperatures so we can actually mould something. After scavenging around the school we found an old stainless steel bottle that we can use as a temporary crucible.

Using the stainless steel bottle we fires up the forge for the third time with the fuel we had left, and began to melt down the aluminium that had spilled in our previous firing. Everything was going great, the metal was melting, we had our moulds ready, but we were running out of fuel. It wasn’t quite there yet; it was more of a sludge, but we took the chance to try to pour it into the mould. It was literally at the tip of the bottle before it froze to a stop, and without enough fuel we couldn’t heat it back up.