Everything is an experiment, especially at Green School

Experimenting, failing, trying again, succeeding and failing again. This how all students should learn. It teaches me how to stay resilient and just keep trying new things. My old art teacher used to say that it’s better to make mistakes than to succeed right away, as long as you don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again. If you succeed right away you don’t learn anything new, but if you fail you can learn very important lessons. Now of course I’m not saying you shouldn’t try to succeed, or do experiments so crazy they are bound to fail. But rather to strive for success, and not be afraid of failure.

With fermentation it is very important to keep everything very sanitised to avoid mould or other unwanted contaminants. At Green School this is insanely hard. It feels like every surface is sticky with caked mounds of dust, and there are germ-y little kids going around everywhere, sticking their grimy fingers in everything they see. Well, this might be a slight exaggeration, but it’s just really hard to properly sanitise our equipment in this environment. Even so, we do our best to keep everything clean and we have had some pretty good success. We never really know if something is truly sanitised but we try anyways, and experiment with different storage areas, containers and utensils. My view on it is, the more things we try and experiment with the more knowledge we will gain, even if it’s just about what not to do.

Today we were struggling with doing the second fermentation for our kombucha. To get it bubbly you need to bottle it in containers with really good seals. We have very limited resources and are doing this entire project with no school budget, so everything’s coming our of our own pockets. Because of this we do our best to be very resourceful. On campus we have a recycling centre called Kembali. That is where we have gotten all of our bottles and jars. I am worried that the bottles we are using don’t have a good enough seal. One of our first idea was to use old wine bottles and corks, but we couldn’t find any corks. We ended up using some glass bottles with screw on caps. I really hope they work. I check Kembali every day to see if they get any new treasures. I hope I can find some quirky things for our next batch of kombucha. I can’t wait to see if these bottles will work. I am so grateful that i go to a school that I’m actually excited to come back to on Monday, and it’s all because I’m aloud to experiment with fun projects like fermentation.