Getting the Bamboo Bike Started

learning how the geometry of the frame works

Making bikes is already an amazing thing to be doing, but making them out of bamboo is an incredible opportunity. For the next 10 days I will be joining a bamboo bike building workshop lead by Mark Donovan and Klaus Volkmann (a bamboo bike artist/genius). But I am not the only one part of this workshop, I will be working and building with a group of Green School parents who are also involved and one of my fellow classmates, Alia.

I have always wanted to build my own bike, because I have always loved mountain biking since I could ride a two wheeled bike.To be able to build my own bike to ride around on would be so awesome. But to be riding around in a bamboo bike that I made would be 10 times better.

We just started our workshop yesterday on Tuesday the 7th and have only got as far as picking our design, choosing our bamboo, torching it to make it look nicer, etc. And am so stoked to learn about all of this. More to come.

the bamboo bike of our dreams… made by our friend Klaus