This Week on Leap

After six weeks of doing tons of homework, I finally have the opportunity to join Leap Academy where I can do something new and get ideas for my Green Stone project. The past few days have been pretty relaxed, and I’m looking forward to start working on a project. On the first day of Leap we had guests coming over to our class and gave us a lecture about 3D printing. It was a pretty long lecture and I had a hard time paying attention (lectures don’t really work for me), but I learned the whole process of 3D printing and we got to choose a design and 3D printed it which is pretty cool. On the next few days we went on field trips and did some cool challenges. My favorite one was the last field trip that we had which was on Friday. We went to Denpasar to see some cool street art and came back to school with a bag full of dead birds. We got them from the bird market. Collecting dead birds and inhaling animal feces wasn’t very fun, but we found what we were looking for. I’m thinking about making a sculpture out of animal bones for my project and I’m very excited about it. Overall, it’s been a great week. So far, so good.