A Forge in a Bamboo School?

With the final 2 weeks coming up we decided to build a makeshift forge. It was a project we wanted do from the start, but we got caught up in the other projects and never got around to it. It was only during the final weeks that we started on it.

We first researched on what it takes to make a forge and what fuels to use, finally settling for charcoal. But instead of buying charcoal from the store we wanted to learn how to make it and actually do it ourselves. The process of making the charcoal didn’t take long, but gathering and preparing everything took two days.

With the fuel part done we moved on to the actual forge. Using the same bricks from the rocket stove Alex made the layout of the forge while I set up the air supply. Once everything was in place we took our shredded tin cans and started it up.

The forge design had a few flaws causing it to lose heat. We were very close to melting down the metals but we had run out of fuel and had to stop. From this first firing we looked at it’s issues and flaws to redesign the forge better.