Juan Pablo “Jeipi” Cabrejos, idea man by design.

Quote: “Hmmm!” — Jeipi, whenever he gets a new idea.
Jeipi with Hironobu Sakabuchi

First and foremost, Jeipi is the biggest Pringles fanatic I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. I’m looking at him right now and I can actually count at least ten empty cans of chips adorning his desk, all of different and rare flavors. Best thing about it, though, is he always shares his new acquisitions. This year alone I’ve tasted dozens of new candies, chocolates and cookies thanks to Jeipi’s generous nature.

The second thing you need to know about Jeipi is that everything happens to him. He always has some weird anecdote to tell about a personal experience or about something that happened to someone he knows, be it getting free food at the supermarket or a close encounter with death while skateboarding. It can’t be a “Jeipi story” if it’s not exaggerated in some way.

Jeipi joined the LEAP family back in 2013. Since then he’s been contributing with innovative ideas and great designs, letting his imagination fly where few of us could reach. In all this time, he has participated one way or another in almost every project, imbuing them all with a part of himself.

His latest big idea was the basis for a secret game we’re developing; so secret that not even half of the team know exactly what it’s about. We’ve seen Jeipi doing extensive research about the many concepts found in the game, and he keeps a “classified” notebook in which all the intricate game puzzles are stored. We dare not look inside.

Lastly, Jeipi is also a media man. He previously worked for two video game news outlets, both of which he managed and one which he owned. Right now he’s part of the biggest video game press outlet in Peru, so we know great things await him.

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