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Codesigning Targeted Innovation For Best-Fit Solutions (to Really Big Problems)

Codesign: An Origin Story

Mechanical equipment for precision metal fabrication
Computers integrated into metalworking

Ok, but what is Codesign exactly?

Sanders’ three forms of Codesign

It’s a Mindset

Comparing Classical and Codesign Roles. Seen on the left are the typical classical roles in user-centered design, where the user is viewed as an object for study. Seen on the right, codesign incorporates the user as a subjective agent in the creative process, shifting the roles of researcher, designer, and user (Sanders & Stappers 2008).

It’s a Method

Sanders & Stappers, 2008

It’s a Technique

End-users participating in group collage activity. Photo credit Chou.
Modeling set for idea generation. Photo credit Chou.

Enter: Codesign

  1. Directness of interaction with the designers
  2. Length of involvement in the design process
  3. Scope of participation in the overall system being designed
  4. Degree of control over the design decisions

How We Have Used Codesign



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