A Bitcoin board game?

More cards example can be found on Imgur


The reason why I started to work on a board game was because I wanted something fun and not too serious, with some entertainment value but also bits of information that would make the players go out of their way to look for more and go deeper. Indeed, I believe approaching a subject with humour is the best way to get someone interested.

As I was working on this project, I understood that the main element that would decide whether or not this game does its job are the cards. If they are interesting or funny in some way, it could be successful. So that is why I first focused on the cards and made 10 card prototypes. I published an album on Imgur because I thought it would be a fitting platform for this kind of work : https://imgur.com/gallery/dXIelSc

The first challenge was to find a way to design the game elements. As I didn’t have Photoshop, I resorted to using Gimp but I had to learn how to use it first. Then I looked up a nice Magic card template online and changed it around, making it smoother and adding a logo of the game : BBG.

The second one was to write the descriptions of the card. They needed to be fun references to the crypto world in general but also hold some educational value. It was quite fun to think of them, but after around 20 ideas, it becomes very hard to think of something interesting. I only made 10 cards because I wanted to test it out first, but I have around more than 20 ideas of cards.

Based on the feedback from the Imgur post, it is clear I didn't hit the mark at the first try. I got downvoted and my post is now probably impossible to see for the majority of users. I think the first reason is that it is too quirky. I would need to work on my design skills to create something more serious that would appeal to people. Instead of cropping images online, making a drawing with GIMP that represents the image and create a smoother card template.

Still, it did incite reaction, specifically a guy saying you've already lost if you buy NFTs referencing a card about NFTs

This has been a really interesting experience for me and I will try to remember all that I have learned, and keep improving on this project.



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