Bitcoin simplified — Teaching crypto-beginners through Instagram reels

Whenever I open Instagram these days, I am overwhelmed by reels. Unfortunately, a big number of them are just recycled jokes. But the way the system works is great. Short videos capable of reaching people outside of your social bubble. That is why I decided to post there several videos with basic information about Bitcoin.

Short, simple, and educational. That was my aim and the topics were:

· Basic info ( when it was founded etc.)

· What is cryptography (roughly how the system works)

· How works decentralized Bitcoin (who are miners and who keep the record of finances)

· What is an open-source technology

· Issues with privacy (Are criminals using bitcoins for money laundering?)

After one week all videos combined had almost 800 views. If I chose another platform like Youtube, I bet I wouldn’t have more than one hundred views.

Here is a link and QR code to my account:



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