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Learn Cantonese

#3: What other languages do you speak or want to speak?

This series is part of the 30 Day Record Yourself Challenge where I will record myself speaking my target language (Cantonese) for 1 minute a day.

There is a big problem. Due to me being a beginner still, the best I can do is to write in Mandarin and translate the sentences to Cantonese. However, this does mean that the sentence structure and grammar is correct.




And here’s the yale romanisation with the tone numbers:

New vocabulary learnt

从 chung4
念 nim6
懂 dung2
英 ying1 文man
华 wa4 文man4
时 si4
报 bou3 名ming4/meng2/meng4
了 liu5 → should be used as zhor for speaking
课 fo3 程ching4
排 paai4/paai2 位wai6/wai2
后 hau6 来loi4
需 seui1 要yiu3
文 man4 化fa3 交gaau1 流lau4
关 gwaan1 系hai6
也 ya5
几 gei1/gei2 句geui
今gam1天tin1 → should be used as gam yat 今日 for speaking

Here are also some sites I have used:

  1. https://hongkongvision.com/tool/cc_py_conv_en
  2. https://www.chineseconverter.com/cantonesetools/en/cantonese-text-to-sound



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