What Is Learn Electronics From Scratch Website?

Hi there! Jérémy here. I’ll tell you what my website is about, why I created it, who I am and what is my superpower.

What This Website Is About?

Learn Electronics From Scratch is a website that will teach you electronics from scratch in a modern way. You can see it as a digital and interactive book.

Indeed, through all the articles I write you’ll not only read quality content but also see videos, animations, and several interactions that the web has to offer to ease your learning process of electronics.

Moreover, you can interact directly with me through the articles comments so I can help you if you have any question. This will let me improve the content of each article over time to make it clearer for the next reader.

How Will This Website Teach Me Electronics?

The short answer is: by reading my articles, doing the exercises and the practical works. I start from the basics of electronics so my website is perfect if you’re a complete beginner.

As I said earlier, my website can be viewed as an entire digital book, split into lessons. Each lesson teaches you about a specific subject and you’ll get some exercises at the end to practice what you’ve just learned.

You’ll get exercises answers into a separate post because I explain in details the whole path that leads to the resolution of the exercise instead of just giving away the answer with no explanations at all. I make things clear and detailed, because I was so frustrated to not have these explanations in so many textbooks!

You’ll also read some more practical articles about how to use a breadboard, how to choose and use a multimeter, how to solder your first components, create your own PCB etc. Everything a beginner needs to know is on my website. Feel free to leave a comment if you want me to write some specific content about a component or a subject in electronics.

Lastly you can subscribe to my newsletter to learn electronics right from your inbox! How convenient is that? I send you every week the best articles and videos about this subject so you can smoothly start learning a little bit more each week.

Why Did You Start This Website?

I started it out of frustration to be honest. Due to several things. First of all, probably as you did, I first learned electronics at school (I’m a computer scientist, software engineer to be precise). It was a painful process. Not because I wasn’t interested, but because of the way they teach it.

I never found any sense in the lectures. Plus, you do some complicated maths almost immediately, whereas you don’t need that crap when you start! Your basic maths and algebra knowledge is more than enough to do your first circuits.

Secondly, I didn’t practice enough in school, and for me, to learn something (no matter what), you need to practice it.

A lot.

Moreover when I was stuck, I didn’t have Internet or YouTube to help me out, and the teacher didn’t have the time to answer all your questions you know…

Sorry I don’t have the time to answer your questions guys. We have to move on if we want to finish the course this semester.
- My God Damn Physics Teacher

Damn it. So I learned as much as I could but even if I was passionate I couldn’t move forward because my basics looked like a giant cheese full of holes.

That’s why I decided to get back to the basics and share what I learn on this website so I can help students or people like me that want to learn electronics from scratch.

Who Are You? What’s Your Superpower?

My y name is Jérémy Mouzin, I’m 32. I’m a software engineer. I decided to learn electronics from scratch on my own leveraging the power of Internet because this domain always attracted me.

I didn’t touch a single resistor since so many years that I can say that I’m a complete beginner. And that’s my superpower.

You may think why this guy, who knows nothing about electronics tells me he will teach me electronics better than the school or my physics teacher?

Well here is my answer: because I don’t know electronics! Indeed, because I’m a complete beginner, I’ll have exactly the same mindset and questions you’ll have. So I know perfectly what is in your mind when you see for the first time Ohm’s law or a circuit or burn your first LED etc.

I always had a ton of questions I couldn’t answer in school but here on this website, I take the time to answer them, that’s important. That’s what will make my course better than anyone else. I’ll take the time to answer all my questions but also yours (through the comments, remember?).

When you’re an expert in a field, the basics are so rooted in you that you can’t explain them anymore in a simple way to a beginner. Just because it’s so obvious for you you forgot completely how you learned it or the questions you got when first looking at the subject.

But because I’m a complete beginner I will describe the new things I learn with the language, the vocabulary and the analogies of a beginner! So you will understand me so much more easier than talking to an expert! That’s my superpower and that’s why you should definitely spend some time with me on my website if you want to learn electronics from scratch.

What’s Your Final Goal With This Website?

I ’ve got several goals in mind right now when writing these lines. The first one is to let more and more people learn electronics in a modern and easy way. I want all people to get interested in this topic because it will become essential in the next few years. Plus it’s so fun!

And I’m not the only one frustrated by school about that topic, talk to friend, ask him what he thought about this subject in school, you’ll be surprised! I totally think there is a better way to learn this fantastic matter. I want to fix that issue.

The second goal is to write a book for beginners: a book to learn electronics for beginners by a beginner. I will probably sell this book on my website to earn some revenue and continue to improve my content. I want this website to become a reference in the electronics world for beginners.

Lastly, I want to learn more about electronics for myself. I’m a knowledge junkie and I want to build some robots with a 3D printer and some Arduino in it. I want to design a robot from scratch to make some tasks in my house. I also have bigger projects in physics but that’s another story.

And you? Why do you want to learn electronics? Tell me in the comments!

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