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The Acqurate Score is generated by an algorithm you can play like an instrument. You make selections, you set your priorities with sliders and checkboxes, and the items animate. The ones that fit your priorities move to the top.

That is the surface explanation. Beneath it is a more serious question, “How do we know which items fit your priorities?” It is really the question of expertise, “Who knows, what is good?” Acqurate is a system for getting at the answer.

Reviews are analyzed for bias and other Contributors vote on the reviews they find most helpful. The result is a Credibility rating that determines which reviews really impact an item’s final score. When you see a list of reviews, the ones at the top that have the highest credibility score.

We really want to shine a light on the whole practice of product reviewing. When you view the Source of any review, (click the author’s name in the title of the review), you can see all the reviews by that author.

  • See if a review is a little more or less favourable than the other reviews for the same item (+/-).
  • See how different the review scores are to the scores of other items that cost the same (Score/$).
  • See how many others found the review helpful.
  • Sort by brand, to look for biases.

There is no established way of tackling credibility, but we would like to think we are on the right track. If you have any suggestions, as always, feel free to get in touch:

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