The Acqurate Score

How our unique rating system works.

The score is based on an algorithm that can be played like an instrument. A user has control over “important” and “preferred” attributes. There is no secret sauce or black box — the algorithm is completely obvious, and based on simple addition and multiplication.

Review scores are the foundation. Unlike generic reviews that give each product an overall score, Acqurate assigns a separate score for each significant attribute. When an item has multiple reviews for an attribute, they are averaged to generate Attribute scores.

  1. Attribute scores are weighted by their Importance,
  2. For each Preferred feature an item has, it receives two additional points.

Adding 1 and 2 produces the “Raw Score.”

The “Best Possible Score” is earned by an item with 10/10 for every attribute and with every matching feature.

Divide the Raw Score by the Best Possible Score, multiply by 100, and you have the Acqurate Score.

Note: Acqurate has a unique system to determine the credibility of reviewers. Attribute scores are weighted based on credibility.

To recap:

  • Review scores x Credibility = Item’s Attribute scores
  • Attribute scores x Importance + Preferred Features = Raw Score
  • Raw Score / Best Possible Score x 100 = The Acqurate Score
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