Learning Swift — First Week

The first week is always the easiest. Motivation is high. Dreams aren’t broken. Challenge has yet to be faced. I’ve been here before…

Week 1: June 5–9

Week one was spent getting familiar with Xcode and working my way through Apple’s Swift Playgrounds app for iPad — I’m almost done with Learn to Code: 1.

Learn to Code 1 has proven to be a bit of review. I have some basic coding knowledge and as I mentioned in yesterday’s article I’ve been down this road before. The review is good though. It helps me build confidence and reinforces what I already know.

In previous years I didn’t have access to the Swift Playgrounds app so this is a new tool for me. I think having it here will help me stay on track and continue to grow my knowledge of Swift.

Screen shot of my FoodTracker App on June 7th — not much yet!

To familiarize myself with Xcode I’ve been working my way through Apple’s development tutorial “Build your first app”.

In this tutorial you are guided through the process of building a FoodTracker app. It’s a highly introductory and well guided introduction to Xcode and the Swift coding language.

I’ve been making the most out of this process by not only reading through the guide, but making sure that I’m not copy pasting the code they give me, rather trying to find the solution of each section first after skimming the concept that’s been presented.

This hasn’t always worked out in my favor though and there have been times where I needed to go back quite a few steps in order to track down random bugs in my code. This, of course, is part of the process though and so far I’m enjoying watching this app come together.

Next steps

Next week’s goals are to complete Learn to Code:1 and begin tinkering with the FoodTracker app in order to add my own flair to it. I’ll also consider looking for another tutorial app to work through — if you have any suggestions please let me know!

See you next week!