Learning Swift From Scratch

It’s June 8th 2017 and once again I am bursting with a deep motivation to learn how to code. Like previous years, this desire to learn the art of coding apps comes from watching Apple’s WWDC keynote.


I plan to use Medium to document my learning. I will be sharing my successes and failures, breakthroughs and roadblocks, this will become an archive of my journey to learning Swift.

The Plan

In previous years I’ve started the journey with an app in mind. Inevitably I would end up failing as I began trying to build an app with little to no knowledge of the fundamentals of coding.

This year will be different.

This year I’m going into this entire project with a different mindset. I’m not starting with the goal of creating an app. This time, my goal, is to learn a little bit about coding every day. Even if it’s just a small piece to the overall puzzle.

In an effort to keep myself motivated I plan to write about my day’s experiences here on Medium. I’m not yet sure how frequently I’ll be updating, but my hope is to update at least weekly if not daily.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about my first weeks progress and layout a plan for next weeks goals.


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