2022 National Skating Month: Reserve Your Kits Now!

The next century of skating starts with YOU!

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For 2022 National Skating Month, we are celebrating the next century of skating, which starts with YOU! Every champion was once a beginner, and you can achieve great things on the ice, no matter your size, age or ability.

2022 National Skating Month will run throughout January AND February to continue the celebration leading up to and during the 2022 Olympic Winter Games.

Three Ideas for Hosting a 2022 National Skating Month Event

Try Skating

Ice Shows/Exhibitions/Demonstrations

Frozen 5K Challenge

2022 National Skating Month is just around the corner, so start planning now! Click here to order your kits, and head to NationalSkatingMonth.com for a suite of printable resources and planning tips to create a memorable event for everyone. All digital resources will be available Dec. 1.

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