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2022 National Skating Month: The Next Century of Skating Starts with YOU!

The biggest ice skating celebration of the year is finally here, and this year we are celebrating all the things you can achieve on the ice!

For 2022 National Skating Month, we are looking forward to the next century of skating, which starts with your first steps on the ice. Whether you have dreams of landing triple Axels, scoring hat tricks or racing to the finish, we are here to make sure your first time on the ice is a memorable one.

For the next two months, Learn to Skate USA® programs and U.S. Figure Skating clubs across the nation will be hosting National Skating Month celebrations, inviting skaters of all ages and abilities to join them at the rink.

If you’re a skater or parent looking for a National Skating Month celebration near you, head to NationalSkatingMonth.com and use our map to find an event near you. Hope to see you on the ice!

Can’t make it to an in-person event? Learn to Skate USA® and U.S. Figure Skating have provided a variety of National Skating Month activities you can do at home!

Podium Challenge

Coloring Page — Snowplow Sam

Coloring Page — Center Ice

Coloring Page — Ice Resurfacer

National Skating Month Crossword

National Skating Month Word Search

Are you a program or club planning a 2022 National Skating Month celebration? Keep reading below for tips on hosting your event.

  1. Use the Admin Manual for hosting an unforgettable open house.

The 2022 National Skating Month Admin Manual is your resource for planning and executing an open house event. The digital document includes a planning timeline, skill level group recommendations and more. Download and read the Admin Manual here.

2. Use the skater evaluation report card to get students excited about returning.

The first-time skater evaluation form is a great tool to track a new skater’s progress on the first day and gives them something to look forward to as they begin their skating journey. Find the form here.

3. Follow up with event participants.

Follow up with your event participants with an email thanking them for stopping by. Consider giving them a discount for lessons or public skating to bring them back to your facility.

4. Show off your current skaters!

National Skating Month events are a great way to involve your club skaters in the celebration. Take some time during your open house or free skating lessons to give demonstrations by your skaters — anything from a scratch spin to an Axel! Your new skaters will feel inspired from watching what they could do one day, and your club skaters will enjoy being a part of your event and showing off what they can do.

5. Take the celebration to social media!

We love seeing your photos from your National Skating Month events. Remember to share photos and videos using #NationalSkatingMonth, and we may even feature you on Learn to Skate USA® social media!



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