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Skating has benefits for all ages, but did you know that kids who start skating young learn more quickly? Here are some of the best reasons you should sign your child up for ice skating lessons:

1. Skating Safety

One of the most obvious reasons to start ice skating lessons is to learn skating safety. Winter is outdoor skating season, and you’ll feel a lot better knowing your child knows the correct way to fall down, get up and skate across the ice.

2. Lessons in Life

Determination, self-esteem and more. The lessons kids learn in skating are lessons they learn for life. Ice skating classes teach kids more than just how to skate. Your child will build confidence while learning to persevere and focus under pressure.

3. A Variety of Paths to Follow

The Learn to Skate USA program is just a stepping stone to a variety of skating paths. Skaters can choose figure skating, hockey or speed skating and find different disciplines within each of those. In addition, your child can choose to compete or keep his or her skating purely recreational.

Learn to Skate USA members have the opportunity to compete! Learn more about Compete USA here.

4. A Life Sport

One of the best parts about skating is that it can be done at all ages. Kids don’t have to stop skating when they grow up — in fact, they can do so much more! From coaching hockey leagues to participating in adult skating competitions, skating truly is a lifelong sport.

Are you an adult interested in skating? Check out all the reasons why it’s never too late to learn to skate here.

5. Lifelong Friendships

When your kid starts ice skating lessons, he or she will be welcomed into a community of skaters, coaches and individuals who share the same passion for skating. Your child will socialize and build lifelong friendships that extend beyond the rink.

6. An All-Weather Activity

Ice skating is the perfect summer and winter activity! With indoor rinks across the country offering sessions year-round, your kid will be able to enjoy his or her sport during all seasons, rain or shine.

7. Stay Healthy

Skating is great exercise! It builds endurance, helps develop muscle mass and ensures that children stay healthy and fit while teaching them to value physical activity.

8. A Family Activity

You can skate with your kid, too! Ice skating is a great family bonding activity that strengthens your familial ties. There’s nothing like learning something new together!

9. It’s Fun!

Let’s not forget the most important reason your kid should start ice skating lessons: it’s fun! There’s nothing like gliding across the ice or speeding down the rink. No matter how old you are, skating is sure to put a smile on your face.

To learn more about Learn to Skate USA and find a program near you, visit our website at

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Lessons in skating. Lessons in life. Visit to get started.

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