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August Challenge: Skate a Marathon

Do you have what it takes to complete an ice skating marathon? There’s only one way to find out! Lace up those skates and hit the ice with the Learn to Skate USA Marathon Challenge!

Learn to Skate USA Marathon Challenge Mileage Tracker

Building on the success of the August 2017 initiative, the new and improved Learn to Skate USA Marathon Challenge allows for individual and group participation, including off ice for skaters with limited ice time. Want to give it a try? Select an option below and get started!

1. Participate as an Individual

Download the Marathon Challenge Mileage Tracker here. Bring your tracker and a marker to the rink every time you skate, and chart your progress by tracking your laps and filling in the marathon loop.

2. Participate as a Team

Download the Marathon Challenge Mileage Tracker here and skate your marathon with friends! Get a group of skaters together and track your laps around the ice. Contribute five laps or a 5K — it’s up to you!

Turn it into a full team effort by taking turns skating laps to complete the marathon as a relay, or skate as a group to see how fast you can complete all 289 laps. For friendly competition, you can even use different colored markers to see who completes the full marathon loop first.

3. Participate Off the Ice

If your ice time is limited or you need a good warm-up or team building activity, get your friends together and use the Marathon Challenge Mileage Tracker to track your laps off the ice.

No pedometer? No problem! The average person walks a mile in 2,000 steps, so with a bit of counting, you can walk, run, skip or rollerblade your way through each mile, be it on the ice, around your rink or in a local park or gym.

Want to challenge yourself even more? Add some lunges, straight leg kicks or wrist weights to your steps.

4. Join Forces with Your Learn to Skate USA Program

Several Learn to Skate USA programs ordered official Marathon Challenge kits in July and will be hosting organized Learn to Skate USA Marathon Challenge events throughout the month of August. If you see a laminated Marathon Challenge poster in the lobby, look for instructions for participating or check in with your program director for more information.

Are you a Learn to Skate USA program and need an official Marathon Challenge kit? Email Erika Lehman at elehman@learntoskateusa.com at your earliest convenience.

Share Your Stories

Once your marathon is complete, share your completed trackers on Facebook and Twitter with #LearnToSkateUSA for your chance to be featured on LearnToSkateUSA.com, Learn to Skate USA social media or in an upcoming issue of Learn to Skate USA The Magazine. Then, print another mileage tracker and begin again!

Want to advance your skills even more? Find programs in your area, skating class curriculum information and more at LearnToSkateUSA.com.




Lessons in skating. Lessons in life. Visit www.LearnToSkateUSA.com to get started.

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