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Families are Building Backyard Rinks to Find More Practice Time

No ice time at your local rink? No problem! While rinks were closed this winter, families across the country still found creative ways to hit the ice.

From dads building backyard rinks to give their kids some stick time to simply freezing some water to stay active in the winter, check out some of these top stories from across the nation:

“Iowa Dad Builds Backyard Ice Rink”

A Janesville, Iowa, father, Weylon Heiser, wanted to give his sons more time to practice skills on their own. So, he built a 50x100 foot ice rink in his backyard where his kids could practice as much as they wished.

He told local news station KWWL that building the backyard rink was worth the investment, especially because it helps his kids reach their hockey goals.

“Backyard Rinks Get More Popular During Pandemic”

In New England, more families are building rinks and freezing water to stay active while rinks limit ice availability or stay closed due to the pandemic. NBC10 Boston reported on families’ rinks in the region:

Check out this video from Boston’s Channel 5 that explores a few New England families’ journeys to building their outdoor ice paradise:

“As COVID Shutters Minnesota Ice Arenas, Backyard Hockey Rinks Gain Popularity”

While rinks in Minnesota were temporarily shut down, residents made the best of the situation by building their own backyard rinks.

CBSN Minnesota met with the Dalbec family in Buffalo, Minnesota, to find out how their rink is helping neighborhood kids stay active and practice their skating skills on an outdoor rink.

This CBS News video takes you into these families’ backyards:

“With Indoor Rinks Closed, Players Turn to ‘Speakeasy Hockey’”

The New York Times wrote a piece on Northville, New York, resident Christian Klueg and his backyard rink opened to the community. He’s been building a rink in his backyard every winter for 27 years, but this year felt he needed a larger rink.

Klueg even drove to the Canadian border to buy a full-size ice resurfacer so that he can properly maintain the ice and give kids and adults a great sheet of ice to enjoy. His rink featured four-foot-high boards and bright lights so they can play at night.

Read the full New York Times story here.

’Tis the season for outdoor skating! Like the people from the stories above, families across the world are heading out to enjoy the ice outdoors, whether it’s natural “wild ice” or a backyard rink.

Share your outdoor skating adventures with us! Post your photos or videos to social media using #OutdoorSkating.




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