Practice Like the Pros: Five Ways to Supercharge Your Practices

What sort of habits do you follow to ensure your skating practices are the best they can be? Stay motivated and get the most out of your practices by following these tips:

Create a track-able practice plan

Having a plan each time you walk in the rink will motivate you to work on your skills and make your time on the ice more efficient.

Use the Learn to Skate USA Practice Tracker to plan your practices and track your skills. Here’s how to use it:

1. Write down the skills you plan to practice.
2. Record many times you practiced each skill.
3. Rate your overall performance of the skill by coloring in the stars.
4. Add some notes to remember in the future!

Download and print your practice tracker here.

Get a good night’s sleep

Sleep is important in all aspects of life, especially when you’re practicing physical activity. Aim to get several hours of sleep so that you wake up refreshed and have enough energy throughout the day to get your work done.

Warm up and cool down

A good practice session doesn’t just involve working on your skills. Keep your body healthy and your muscles warm with a warm-up before you step on the ice and a cool down with stretches after you take your skates off.

Need some warm-up tips? Check out the National Dynamic Warm-Up here.

Set short- and long-term goals — and visualize them

It always helps to have goals in mind when you head out on the ice. Set a few short-term goals that you want to achieve soon, and keep some long-term goals in mind as well. Visualize your goals each day. Want to land an Axel? Picture yourself landing it! Visualization goes a long way in achieving your goals.

Remember nutrition

Food is fuel! Be mindful of what foods you’re eating before and after your practice. Try to consume some carbohydrates before working out to gain energy, and eat some protein after practice to help your muscles recover.

Do you have other habits that help you have the best practice you can? Share them with us on social media using the hashtag #LearnToSkateUSA!

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