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Prepare for the ice like Team USA!

Did you know training can begin before you even step on the ice? Warming up before you skate improves performance and decreases the risk of injury, and a dynamic warm-up will prepare the joints and muscles to complete your on-ice skills.

Straight Leg Kicks

Learn to Skate USA, powered by Toyota, is here to help you warm-up just like Team USA! Challenge yourself to complete the National Dynamic Warm-Up before taking the ice for practice. Try it for an entire week and watch your skating improve!

Download your printable warm-up checklist here.

High Knee Run
Quad Pulls

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Lessons in skating. Lessons in life. Visit www.LearnToSkateUSA.com to get started.

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Learn to Skate USA® Blog

Learn to Skate USA® Blog

Lessons in skating, lessons in life, powered by Toyota. Visit LearnToSkateUSA.com to get started.

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