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Sweat and Stretch: Improve Your Flexibility

Learn to Skate USA, powered by Toyota, is here every step of your skating journey, on and off the ice. Improve your balance, keep your muscles moving and enjoy the experience of skating with Learn to Skate USA’s weekly off-ice challenges.

This week, we’re introducing a stretching routine to enhance your flexibility. Stretching is essential to workout recovery, and flexibility is important for skating success.

Start this challenge by warming up your muscles with the National Dynamic Warm-Up. When your heart is pumping and your muscles are warm, complete the stretching routine, marking off each one as you go.

Participate in one of three ways:

· Online via the Learn to Skate USA mobile app (a free benefit of membership) Learn more and download here.

· As a shareable Instagram story graphic. Download here.

· As a printable full-page PDF. Download here.

Want to kick it up a notch?

1. Document your efforts: Take before and after photos to track improvements in flexibility.

2. Build a playlist: Put together a stretching playlist that will inspire you to stretch regularly. Switch it up every week or so.

3. Take the seven day challenge: Complete the full routine seven days in a row! Share your progress online with #LearnToSkateUSA.



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