10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Will Become The Best President in Human History

BY CAMMI PHAM — First appeared on my personal blog

Yesterday, my business partner Jessica and I were having a chat with Jeff, a smart PR consultant about marketing and viral content.

Jeff said if my title for this week’s article is Why Donald Trump Will Become The Best President, it will do extremely well.

I threw in the number and that is how this post was born.

This is the Kardashian of journalism.

Everyone says they hate clickbait articles, but everyone consumes them.

If not, you wouldn’t be able to find it or be here reading this.

Without the support from the masses, an article would be buried in the graveyard of the Internet.

If you don’t react to it, most people won’t be able to find it.

You might hate it, but you are still reading this… you help give it life.

Nobody can force you to consume any content. Nobody forces you to react to the content. It is your decision that contributes to creating trends.

Content creators and trendsetters can only start a flame. But the people have the power to turn it into a fire.

Without you, there wouldn’t be Buzzfeed nor Kim Kardashian.

Without you, there won’t be Trump the President.

I don’t know 10 reasons why Donald Trump will become the best president in human history.

I don’t read the news at all.

BUT I know one reason why Donald Trump could become the best (or worst) president in Human history.

1 word

3 letters.


It doesn’t matter if you are in support or against him, you are part of the equation.

Trump could be a good or a bad president, I have no clue.

But Donald Trump cannot become a president just by himself.

Without YOU, it is not possible.

You can do something or ignore it. You are still part of that equation. Think wisely about what you are going to do.

Once a smart man told me, “For every action there’s a reaction. I’m only 5% of what happens to you. 95% is how you react to it.”

This article would be forgotten without you reading it.

Your reaction helps spread the fire.

It is all YOU.

For a man who always reminds me that I am strong enough to form my own opinions, someone who made me a better version of myself.

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