If You Want to Be Successful, Learn How to Steal

CamMi Pham
Apr 22, 2014 · 2 min read

BY CAMMI PHAM — First appeared on my personal blog

If you steal things, they will last until they are used up.

If you steal money, it will last until you spend it all.

If you steal power, one day you will lose it.

If you steal fame, one day it will fade.

If you steal people, they will last until someone else steals their hearts.


If you steal knowledge, it will be with you until your last breath.

“If I read a book that cost me $20 and I get one good idea, I’ve gotten one of the greatest bargains of all time.” ~ Tom Peters

We are too busy trying to steal things that we cannot keep, and forgetting about knowledge. Instead of trying to steal someone’s success, learn how they built it. Steal their knowledge and build your own. If you didn’t build something, it is never yours.

  • Instead of being jealous ➡ Ask people how they did it.
  • Instead of killing yourself for doing something wrong ➡ Ask people what you did wrong and fix it.
  • Instead of talking about yourself ➡ Ask people questions about their lives, their success.
  • Instead of complaining about wasting time waiting for something ➡ Open an ebook app and read.
  • Instead of stealing the wrong thing ➡ Steal knowledge.

The difference between where you are today and where you’ll be five years from now will be found in the quality of books you’ve read ~ Jim Rohn

Wealth, power, fame will fade; only knowledge will remain with you. Most people are willing to share it, why don’t steal something that people do not mind.

Keep stealing…keep stealing knowledge…

It is your turn: Have you ever stolen knowledge?

CamMi Pham

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Unlearner | Marketer |Partner @ Growth + eCommerce Marketing Agency @ThinkRenegade| Write www.cammipham.com cammi@themgmt.agency

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