You Will Always Suck at What You Do, Until You Do This

Cammi Pham
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3 min readDec 24, 2015


BY CAMMI PHAM — First appeared on my personal blog

Your first 100 blog posts will mostly suck.

Your first 100 podcasts will mostly suck too.

Your first 100 talks will not be perfect.

Your first 100 videos will be nightmares.

Nobody can pick up a ball and become a pro basketball player overnight.

Nobody can pick up a pen, then write and win a Pulitzer Prize right away.

Nobody is interesting during their first interview.

Nobody will walk on the stage without saying a few things wrong.

Nobody learns how to walk after the first step.

We all suck in the beginning.


Children can do what most adults fail to do.

We always think children are clueless. They need our guidance to figure out life. But they know things that most of us have forgotten.

We don’t become better by giving up. We keep trying.

Do babies stop trying to learn to walk after falling the first time? No, they keep trying

That is why everything seems to be possible when you were a child. There was no ego. You only see a finish line and you want to cross it.

I didn’t get a million views on my first blog post. My family said I am so bad at writing, they still don’t read anything I write to this day. But I still write. Because the worst case is the world will hate it.

If I don’t try, I will never find out what they think.

Because I cannot write, I read every top post about a topic before I write an article. Because I suck, I do things other people don’t.

I have hosted a minimum 500 chats before I had my first trending chat. There were nights where nobody showed up and I still asked the questions. I stayed in every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday to work while everyone else was out. People didn’t notice that. Before I created…



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