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Are you a parent who is overwhelmed by the number of activity ideas out there for your child, but unable to choose what works for you?

Do you think your child is way ahead of you when it comes to using technology, but you’re unable to trust the internet?

Instead of telling them what to learn, would you rather empower them with the ability to learn absolutely anything?

Breadcrumb — The Learning App answers all this & more!

Our story: Four years back, we founded The Learning Community at Quest with a mission to be a progressive learning space that provides a nourishing environment for children to explore, learn and grow. Through these years;

  • We have designed a radically different after school programme that caters to every child’s unique needs
  • Co-created workshops with experts to provide impactful learning experiences
  • Hosted the best summer camps in the city!
  • Put together innumerable events for children to have fun and discover themselves as learners
Clockwise: Messy Art Day where every child did art larger than themselves through interesting games, Halloween — when Quest turns into a haunted house and we curate activities that explore the five senses, Bird Watching — a ritual every season to see the migratory birds take a pitstop at a lake near home, Breaking Gender Stereotypes — an interactive session where kids got to meet adults doing dream jobs, Sensory Art — exploring watercolour painting with ice, Visit to a Motor Garage — one of the field trips where kids get to learn hands on from experts.

In our pursuit to constantly enable the best opportunities for our young learners, we decided to take our learnings from running a physical space into the digital world too and created Breadcrumb (currently available for iPads on the App Store) — a learning tool that supports children to be self-directed learners.

Self-directed learning does not mean no adult involvement. It means no adult force or control — Carol Black

With Breadcrumb, your child would feel empowered as they have both the freedom to pursue absolutely any interest they wish to and the time and space to do it at their own pace. Goal setting is about knowing what you want, breaking it down to simple baby-steps and completing them one by one. Your child would be able to do this seamlessly with the help of this app.

Here is why Breadcrumb might be a great option for you —

  • It is a safe digital space for children ages 4+ years: Breadcrumb provides a safe discovery platform, free from ads or suggestions yet loaded with content curated especially for your child’s age range
  • You and your child get to decide how much screen time is okay for the day: Choose Breadcrumb at Home and you’d be able to decide how much time they can spend on the app and when the time is up, your child will get a reminder on screen and they can choose to extend or wind up for the day
  • Complete transparency: You get to see your child’s learning timeline on the browser with your parent login
  • It builds the habit of learning, seamlessly: Your child would have to do 3 things:
  1. Schedule — Here they plan what they’d like to do for the day
  2. Explore — Choose between Collections and Suggested Learning Paths — Here they discover what all they can learn — Internet is full of content, but you can be rest assured that we take up our task of curating the best content for your child that is age-appropriate. So relax and watch your child learn
  3. Journal — Here they reflect on their learning so far

Here is why Breadcrumb is a great option for your child —

1.Innumerable options to choose from: Keeping Multiple Intelligences as our true north, we ensure we have content that appeals to every interest area a child could possibly want to explore and we are constantly curating more! So your child can choose anything from Origami to Magic Tricks to STEM projects to Body Percussion.

2. Checklists for the win: For all of our ‘Do’ cards a.k.a activity cards, your child would get to see the materials they need ahead of time, identify if they have them all and then only begin the activity. Before they can begin learning, they are prompted to bring everything close to the iPad, confirm that they’ve got all the materials they need and then only begin watching the video and follow the steps. The video takes up the entire screen, which they can watch and re-watch. All of this ensures they have a distraction-free learning experience.

3.Unstructured and structured learning: We understand Learning Styles and how some children prefer structure and a sense of knowing what the entire learning progression looks like, while some others like to take it as they go — we urge you to explore on-the-go (Collections) and one-by-one (Suggested Learning Paths) with them.

4.No competition, no confusion: Each child in your family can get their own profile, with a passcode. So be it a 6-year-old who has scheduled to do Cutting and Craftwork or a 12-year-old who has scheduled to do Kirigami, their schedules are their own, their learning journeys are separate. One iPad — multiple independent learners made possible.

5.Discover experts: We not only curate the best on the internet for you, but we also partner with the best experts to come on board. Knowledge is best when shared and we strongly believe in building a community that gives and takes to make learning more accessible. If you are an expert and would like to be on the platform, do reach out to us!

Children are born curious and constantly learn from their environment — this is a well-known fact and I’m sure you’d all agree. As they get older, we worry about what they are exposed to, especially in the digital space. We take on the role of becoming the curators of their knowledge, which is sometimes limiting or curbs their freedom to explore and learn.

Worry not! Breadcrumb will not fail you — we take our job of curating the best content very seriously and are also tuned into how children learn.

We understand that the current lockdown situation makes it a lot harder on you to constantly find ways to keep them learning and entertained.

So we are opening up access to Breadcrumb for parents and children across the world, for free!

As we take this leap, we seek to build a global community of self-directed learners and wish for your little one to be a part of this journey.

Grab your iPad and start exploring learning like never before!

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