TalkRise Philosophy + Flipped Classroom

One of our key philosophies at TalkRise is that expert instructors should be teaching the most advanced, real-life, applicable topics.

When you’re just learning a new framework, take Facebook’s React library it’s not essential to have a React expert teaching you how to build a simple Hello World or Todo list example. Between the docs, blog post mania, and online video tutorials, seasoned developers are fully capable of building simple things.

So, great- you’ve got a nice Todo app with a few components, some searching, and a status change button for each Todo.

Here Comes the Hard Stuff

What the heck is Redux?
HTTP requests? 
How should I structure my app?
How do I deploy this thing?

Here is where expert instructors shine. All of our instructors at TalkRise are vetted professionals who teach the technologies they use in practice everyday. They are the ones that actually have answers for how to structure apps, how to use redux, and where to deploy your app.

We empower our instructors and students to spend their time together focusing on these hard issues that aren’t covered in docs and tutorials. Lectures are great, but for our graduates to be production-ready, they have to get their hands dirty by testing, debugging, and deploying real-world applications.

Flipped Classroom

At TalkRise, we prepare weekly pre-work for our students that consist of readings, videos, and sample projects to cover at home. These are the basics- the simple things to know in order to codify your ideas. This frees up lab time with instructors to be spent working through real-life issues with experts that have faced them.

TalkRise readings and video are collections of custom and curated content that we’ve selected because it’s the best information available. Each pre-work collection also includes 1+ sample projects where students are required to write their own custom code.

All of our sample projects are built special from the ground up to help our students test their hand at real-life, complex problems. We’re not talking about classic Todo apps; we learn with hard problems like real-time updates, drag-and-drop, custom maps, filtering, sorting, integration testing, and deployment.


By the time our students finish a TalkRise course, they understand the concepts driving specific technologies, as well as specific implementation techniques they can carry with them to write production-ready code. There is no more training with uncertain results- all of our students have a ready-made portfolio of deployed, custom coded project ready to show off to clients.

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