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3 min readJul 14, 2021


This is the first weekly update. 🎉

Before I move on to print-on-demand business, I want to share before the launch of

The motivation & decisions behind it. My expectations and plans. The tools that I’m using. 👇

Motivation & Decisions

I’m a full-time online entrepreneur since 2018, selling mainly physical products.

I shared nothing about my journey until mid-2019. After I joined a video interview, I realized the massive interest online in building a business.

Selling consulting services seemed good and I started monetizing my experience. After two years, I was burnout as I couldn’t automate & outsource it.

That’s why I gave up the services and focus back on selling products, especially digital.

Not planning to sell consulting at this time.

But still, I want to share my experience.

That’s why I’ve started this. I want to help you to build an online business while doing the same thing for myself. It’s a byproduct of my real work.

Expectations & Plans

I expect nothing financial in the first 1–2 years.

Instead of it, I want to:

  • Build trust & reputation
  • Influence entrepreneurs
  • Make friends

If I’ll succeed in my new businesses, I may create courses & communities in the future.

Technical Background

Let’s talk about the technical background of the project.

1. is on WordPress, I’ve used Divi for design.

It’s a WYSIWYG no-code web page builder with pre-made designs. Easy to use and maintain.

2. I use Hypefury for Twitter growth hacking.

It schedules my tweets to publish the best engagement time and retweets the old most engaged tweets automatically. Also, it helps me to write better and more often.

3. I use MindMeister to mind map.

It’s the best in class, period.

Beautiful interface, cloud sync, PDF & DOCX export, presentation mode, and real-time collaboration. No other tool does these. Using it for 3+ years.

4. Finally, I use Notion to manage the project. Probably you already know this incredibly powerful tool.

I’m using its notes, checklists, databases, and embeds for anything digital.

I built my life dashboard and my second brain into it.

Build Once Sell Twice Highlights

I want to add my highlights from Build Once Sell Twice training by Jack Butcher because they’ve convinced me to start this project.


  • Building the reputation on the internet is an asymmetric bet. The potential upside is huge.
  • Be outrageously transparent about the success and failure of your business in order to build trust.
  • Think of your working life as simply a series of experiments.
  • It’s a privilege to fail in public.
  • When you mess up, own up.
  • You get a lot better a lot faster when you enjoy the game.
  • The growth vector for a company of one is hugely influenced by how authentically you behave.
  • Build mutually beneficial relationships on top of your unique assets and abilities.
  • Take people behind the scenes and continuously show what you’re doing.
  • Show you can solve a problem, you’ll earn attention and capital.
  • You get paid in direct proportion to your ability to generate attention and convert it to a sale.
  • Continually proving your ability to generate a result is what builds trust with your audience, and drives sales of your products and services.
  • To divorce your time and money, build assets that work without you.
  • Make others successful.

Bought once, completed twice, suggested thrice. Thanks again Jack Butcher!

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I’ll share my print-on-demand jewelry business-building insights when I start.

Take care until next week! 👋

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