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Let me introduce you to my new project: Learn Build Sell @learnbuildsell

I’ll learn, build and sell in public as I start new internet businesses. I’ll do experiments with all the costs and show you the results for free.

Short History

I’m selling physical products online since 2018. Sold 8.000+ products but I suffered a lot from the disadvantages of physical products. Manufacturing overhead, international logistics, customs, storage, returns, and so on.

Build Once Sell Twice training by @jackbutcher has changed my mind. I have discovered the digital product’s magic:

  • Produce digitally at a low cost. No overhead.
  • Transfer easily. No logistics.
  • Never sold out. No sales forecasting.
  • Refund without losing money. No defective items and repairing cost.
  • Update the product flexibly.
  • Have a stable cash flow for investing to grow.
  • Scale infinitely with optimizable metrics.

Digital product business is glorious.

That’s why I have changed my approach to entrepreneurship. From now on, I’m focusing on digital products. And for this time, when I’m building my new online businesses, I will share everything I’ve been through on learnbuildsell.com.

The name of the Learn Build Sell is inspired by a tweet of legendary “How to Get Rich (without getting lucky)” tweetstorm from @naval.

Learning, building, and selling are already what I do.
The good news is, I’m inviting you to be an insider.

Fundamentals of LBS

1. Experimental

I learned iterative business experimentation from the Lean Startup model.

I see business ideas as hypotheses. I test them, analyze the data and take action for another experimentation, scale-up, or pivot. Fast and furious.

2. Digital-first with no code

My focus is on digital products, but not the technical side of them.

Because I don’t know how to code (and don’t want to learn), I utilize the no-code tools. So I can stay experimental to be agile.

3. Transparent

I’ll share my successes and failures with the real numbers.

I’ll be transparent as much as possible, without creating direct competition for myself. I’ll share the learning resources, tools, hacks, shortcuts, tips & tricks.

4. Project-based

Every business experiment will be a project. It will have a budget and time period.

I manage the expenses accordingly with the budget. I’ll either automate & outsource or sell or close the business before the time end.

The first internet business experiment will be about print-on-demand jewelry. Affiliates and info products are the others on the list. You could find all the experiments on Learn Build Sell Blog with the filters.

BTW. I’m using the mind mapping method to take notes and learn for the last 6 years. I’ll sometimes share my mind maps as embedded on the website for you to copy & edit.


Thanks to @jackbutcher for the wisdom.
Thanks to @naval for the inspiration.
Thanks to you for the reading.

Want to see my business experiments? Follow @learnbuildsell

See ya inside!

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This article first appeared on the Learn Build Sell blog at https://learnbuildsell.com/introducing-learn-build-sell/.



Burak Seyman
Learn Build Sell

Seasoned Amazon & Etsy seller. Started with private-label, turned into print-on-demand.