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Spent 12 hours learning about how to sell on Etsy this week.

I’ll give you the highlights but first, I want to explain my micro-niche strategy I mentioned last week.

• What is the micro-niche?
• The advantages?
• Successful shop examples
• How do you find a micro-niche?

1. What is the micro-niche?

Generally, a micro-niche is a sub-niche within a niche. For example:

Category: Pet supplies
Sub-category: Pet apparel
Niche: Dog accessories
Sub-niche: Specially designed and customizable dog tags

Micro niches represent a small part of the broader market.

2. What is the advantages of micro niche?

• Identify target audience easier
• Meet your customer’s specific needs
• Become an expert for your niche product group
• Stand out from the competitors in a saturated market
• Build credibility, grow your social following and become an authority brand faster

3. Successful Shop Examples

3.1. TheLandlockedDogTwo

The micro-niche I mentioned above is dominated by this brand. They sell custom stamped dog tags with tons of options, made 64.464 sales by today.

Their slogan is “Not just pet ID; art for your pet’s collar.”

3.2. GracePersonalized

They sell rings and necklaces but personalize them for the customer, with requested letters and numbers.

Their slogan is “Handmade and personalized to tell your story.”

Made 287.307 sales by today. Wow!

3.3. EnjoyTheWood

Basically, they sell maps, but in a wood form, for the wall.

World, continents, and countries maps, in different colors and styles.

Made 66.168 sales already, it seems that they found their profitable micro-niche.

4. How can you find your micro-niche?

I’m also trying to find and I know, it’s hard. But you can start with these questions:

• Are you passionate about a specific topic?
• What type of audience would like to work with?
• Do you have a specific market you want to target?
• What can you make that solves a problem or serves a specific purpose?
• What types of products can you make that will be unique?
• If you want to create a product that you know is in a saturated market, what can you do differently to outperform your competitors?

After answering some of these questions you will have some ideas about your potential micro-niche. It may take a long, but it’ll be worth it to create a long-lasting brand.

After finding your micro-niche, create a clear and concise brand statement. When potential buyers visit your shop at a glance, they should be able to answer these questions:

1. What do you make?
2. Who is your target audience?
3. What makes you different from your competitors?

Add this killer slogan to everywhere available in your Etsy shop.

When saying to you, I’m doing the exact same thing!

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