✏️ A collection of sound writing advice

Over the past few years that I’ve been practicing writing, I’ve come across some really great advice. Some of this advice has been super impactful in my practice of writing (and life in general), so I’m going to share it with you ❤️

Stop trying to sound smart

It’s really hard to find your voice in your writing when you’re trying to sound smarter than you are. When I stop trying to sound like I know what I’m talking about, and start focusing on what’s really there for me, my voice comes through and my writing comes together in a much more enjoyable way.

From my experience, we are neither as smart or dumb as we think we are.

Know why you’re writing

People have many reasons for writing, and all of them are valid. If you can get clear with yourself about why you’re writing, it’s a lot easier to do it free of baggage. If you’re writing because you want to grow a follower base, own that shit. If you’re writing for ad money, do it up 💸. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not — the same advice rings true for your writing. It is what 
it is.

I write because it helps me solidify the shit I’m learning day to day. I share it because it feels good to. I enjoy feeling heard and get an added bonus when someone lets me know that my writing has affected them in some way.

Be okay with being a shitty writer

We often will stop ourselves from doing something because we’re afraid it won’t be good enough. It’s the ultimate cop out — “I’m such a perfectionist, I won’t even bother doing this because it won’t be good enough”. It’s a big load of shit (and you know that). You won’t be good at writing when you start. That’s okay, do it anyways. The more I write and share my writing the better 
it gets.

Your voice is worthy of being heard

It doesn’t matter if someone else has done something similar, or you feel a topic has already been written about. You haven’t written about it yet, and your voice is worthy of adding to the pool.

Not only is your voice worthy of being heard, it’s totally okay to want to be heard. We do this weird shaming thing of people who share what they write because they want to be heard. That shit is whack.

Start with quantity

When you’re starting out, setting a quantity goal will do more for you than a quality one. Writing quality will only come with practice. You have to do it before you can get better at it. Julie Zhuo wrote about this beautifully.

A good example of this would be setting a goal to post 1 piece of writing 
a week.

Ask for help

Building a little pool of friend-editors has been so helpful for me. I know I always have at least one person I can send my writing to and get good feedback on it. I have certain people that I know are good at cutting excess. Others I know will tell me whether a whole piece flows nicely, or point out inconsistencies in the writing. You can only learn these things and build this pool by sharing your work.

My mentors

This collection of people have either directly mentored me by editing my work, or indirectly by writing amazing advice for me to read and then apply. Thank you ❤️