🌞☕ Your morning routine is fine

My morning routine is fine, everyone’s morning routine is fine! Let’s all chill the fuck out about our morning routines, okay?

I remember trying SO hard to ‘make a good morning routine’. Trying to drag my ass out of bed at the crack of stupid and follow another ’10 ways to have the best morning ever’ guide. I could never seem to make those morning routines ‘stick’, which then made me feel even worse than I did before.

Clearly my morning routine was bad and needed to be fixed (right?) and I couldn’t make it work which made me even more of a loser face in my own head.

Our want to do things ‘right’ can prevent us from accomplishing what we want to accomplish
— The Minimalists

I was trying so hard to fit into someone else’s — albeit, A LOT of someones morning routines. It actually didn’t line up with what I care about or want to do. I do want to set my day up to be awesome every day. What I value and thus what actually sets me up to have a good day is not the same as others.

No routine is best routine (for me!)

I value my freedom, and I don’t like being told what to do (Sorry Mom 🙈) . Anything I do that’s going to set me up to be successful is probably not going to come from feeling restricted. Any time I attempted to put rules on what my morning should look like it never worked. It stressed me out and made me feel like a total failure if I didn’t live up to it.

Being loose outside of the basic shit that has to happen in my morning, has ended up making my days more productive.

Some mornings I wake up early and exercise. Some mornings I sleep in and spend my morning playing video games. Other mornings I wake up and write one of these good good brain dumps that I share with y’all.

When I loosened my vice grip on what success looked like to me, I started feeling less stress about my morning.

I feel a lot less stress around time in general now. I know I can’t cram more productivity into the time I have, and adding more hours doesn’t equal more productivity. Now I can pick the things that matter to me in the amount of time that I have.

What matters to you?

I think if we look at what we value, we can realize that ‘having the best morning routine’ maybe isn’t the way to get there. You can also apply this to any other routine or amount of time that you are trying to cram more value into.

So, yes: Your morning routine is fine. My morning routine is fine. Everyone’s morning routine is fine. Let’s maybe chill out with the morning routines.

Love always ❤