LearnFactory Internship: Day 53 (July 13, 2018)

The pace at which you move to get something determines whether or not you will get it. — Chilaka Michael Obinna

The Team

Today was somehow dull to the best of my knowledge, in that few interns were not around, I miss them.

Some days back we learnt lots of useful information from Mr. Matthew as regards to programming: Node.js, Axios, Post man etc.

Node.js as explained by Mr. Matthew is a runtime that allows JavaScript code to run outside the confines of the browser. It has blown up the use of JavaScript, leading to runtimes for the server-side, database, mobile, desktop and also Machine Learning.

Runtime is simply an environment that permits JavaScript code to be executed.

Axios is a Node.js package that makes it possible to communicate between Front-end and Back-end of our application. So now, I can build a user interface in React, a back-end in Node.js and use Axios to communicate between the 2.

I strongly believe that with consistency and character, every one will be at the top.

Every one was working personally to improve on what has been taught.

We are seriously serious…

I really can’t say much. It’s been God all through, another week down, expecting a new week. Coming from lakaJS.

See you all next week.