My first intern group project at Learnfactory

I started out at Learnfactory,Aba around August. It's a town synonymous with business having one of the largest markets in West Africa. My journey into coding had been for awhile but I had learnt from various resources like freecodecamp, Sololearn, W3schools, etc but my first internship was at the Learnfactory hub in Aba.
Learning at the hub has been an awesome experience. I've always been familiar with Microsoft using Atom and Git on my Windows Operating system but at the hub I made a switch to Ubuntu OS and VSCode and I'm elated to say I'm loving it.
The hub has different facets- we had days where we taught one another, days where we learnt from our instructors, days where we did pair programming - as a lone ranger this was particularly difficult for me but as I've learnt, you can't be a lone ranger in the world of computer programming. My willingness to learn new things has open me to a world of endless opportunities and thus I was placed as Team Lead for a group and told to come up with a project.

Front page of the group project

I had a round table deliberation with my teammates and we came up with an idea to design a fashion website with sign-in and sign-ups functionality using only HTML, CSS and pure JavaScript for it's functionality.
We all collaborated on the project using Git and Github. Being a four man team, we started by using figma to design the UI of the project and then proceeded to writing the code of the design before finally adding the functionality of sign-in and register using localStorage.

Challenges Encountered

Although it sounds fun but for code newbies it was a little difficult. Not everyone had a flair for design so that was an obstacle, making sure we could create something with a nice interface. But being in a group the task was assigned to a team member proficient with design but as the team lead I took it upon myself to make sure each team member read the code to familiarise themselves with it.
Another challenge was with vanilla JavaScript. We made a slider for the homepage and the code wasn't easy to understand by my team members. So once again , we had a session to explain each line of code for the project.
The login and register function wasn't much of a big deal. We all studied localStorage to become acquainted with it.

Each team member could easily have done their assigned tasks and we would have gotten same awesome result but it’s my belief that as beginners it was imperative we understood the code written by every other team member.
The link to the team project can be found here:
Learnfactory is truly raising the next-gen of JavaScript developers.



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