[Golang] Using Operator On Gin Golang

The use of operators in a system is one of the most important things a developer uses when he wants to produce a value or when he wants to connect one value to another.

There are several types of operators that are commonly used:

First, arithmetic operators.
Arithmetic operators are commonly used to perform arithmetic calculations

Some arithmetic operators commonly used are as follows:

Arithmethic Operators

The second, comparison operator
Comparison operators are commonly used to compare a value with another.

Some of the comparison operators commonly used are as follows:

Comparison Operators

Third, logical operators
logical operators are used to determine whether a combination of data is true or not.

Some of the logical operators commonly used are as follows:

Logical Operators

After knowing the various operators, now let’s get into the discussion, namely the use of the gin golang operator

Please create a gooperator folder in the GOPATH folder.

Then in the gooperator folder, please create a config folder and create a file named config.go. This file will later function as a port identifier that we use.

Then type the following code:


After that, create an operator folder outside the config folder, create a file arithmetic.go

Then type the following code:


still in the operator folder, please create comparison.go and logical.go files

Then type the following code:


Then please create a struct folder outside the operator folder. And create a Valuetype.go file

Then type the following code:


After all the operator files have been created, we will create a main.go file outside the operator folder

Then type the following code:


If all the steps have been completed, please run the following API:

  1. Arithmetic Operators API
    http: //localhost: 5002/api/v1/gooperator/arithmeticopr

2. Comparison Operator API
http: //localhost: 5002/api/v1/gooperator/comparisonopr

3. Logical Operator API
http: //localhost: 5002/api/v1/gooperator/logicalopr

Finally we have successfully implemented the use of operator on gin golang

Happy Coding :)




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