What Do I Need To Learn To Become a Backend Developer ?

Backend developer is an IT developer whose job is to make logic in a system so that it can function properly. In addition to making logic, a backend developer is also responsible for creating and managing data storage and optimizing system performance to make it comfortable for users to use.

Usually backend developer will work with frontend developers to be able to create a good system.

There are several things that must be considered and learned in order to become a backend developer, including the following:


It is important for a developer, especially backend developers, to understand the algorithm.

Because if a backend developer already understands the algorithm of a process, it will be easier to make the logic of a system and solve the problems that occur.


After creating an algorithm, a backend developer also needs to master at least one programming language. so that later the algorithm that has been created can be applied using a known programming language.

There are several programming languages ​​that can be learned to become a backend developer, including GOLANG, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, PYTHON, RUBY, JAVA, C ++, C #, etc.


A backend developer is also responsible for creating and managing data stores. This data storage will be needed by the user when he wants to see the data list or the reporting process.

To be able to display data stored in data storage, a query language is needed, such as select, find, etc.


Apart from the above, also needs to know version control to be able to save and manage the storage of code files that have been created. In addition, it can prevent files from being overwritten or lost while working in a team.


Often times, a developer is lazy to learn new things. this usually happens because a developer feels he is capable or knows various things.

This habit will be a barrier for a developer to develop because technological developments are growing rapidly from day to day.

Those were some things that need to be learned and considered in order to become a backend developer. The most important thing is to become a developer or backend developer, you NEED TO BE CURIOUS ABOUT NEW THINGS THAT ARE FOUND AND LEARNED.




All about go language

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