Discover Russian Design Studios


2 Students from Moscow Started this project 5–6 years ago, they realized that not only they want to design a space but also create their own furniture. The company started in a small garage, now they are able to mass produce furniture. Their concept is similar to Scandinavian- beautiful affordable design objects. They also offer interior Design Services. Here is some of their furniture:

Side Table Tube and Wave Staple

Woodi Furniture

Their Furniture is simple, high quality and affordable. Above all it is ecological, so they are getting many commissions from children gardens and schools! Below you can see some examples of their interior projects.


Fine Objects

Fine Objects is one of the first design Furniture Companies. It was based in 2008. The aim is to development of the Russian design. They use a bread variety of materials (concrete, wood, metal) and techniques. Not only produce the furniture but they also design unique pieces for private clients and they can build your own designs.

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