Things that we Can Not Wait to See in Isaloni Milano 2017

Isaloni Milano is a massive exhibition commemorated to Interior Design and Furniture. Every year, I am getting very excited about the new materials, and projects that flourish in the exhibition! Today I would Like to share with you some new projects that we will see very soon in Milano!

Fiam — Ghost Chair

This Iconic glass chair will be reimagined by a group of designers such as AGC Glass Europe, Biesse Group, Fiandre and Oece.


Progetti Arm-Chair by Giorgetti collection is turning 30 years old! For this date, a new collection of Progetti will be presented in Isaloni Milano!

Old Collection — New Collection! (Progetti Pure)

Gianfranco Ferré Home

Collections of Gianfranco Ferré Home evoke an essence of the atmosphere of the 19th Century England and is inspired by menswear fabrics, such as the well-known “Prince of Wales”, pinstripes and pied-de-poule. The taste of this collection is characterized by the use of distressed on woods and slightly antique finishing in pure Shabby Chic style. Under the creative direction of Livio Ballabio, the lines of the furniture pieces are distinguished by classic and very recognizable references.

My New Home Collection

My New Home Collection is going to present its new furniture and decorative Ideas! I am personally a big fan of this company, I love their simple, elegant and contemporary pieces!!


Misuraemme will show to the public 5 new tables Gramercy! A key element of this precise and unique design; cylindrical spacers in brushed stainless steel raise the table top creating a refreshing sense of lightness. The smooth curves of the table legs and are hand crafted in solid wood; refined and sculptured.

Shiro Studio

Studio will present its new collection of area rugs! They have been working with Nodus and Illulian to create the area rugs.



New Collection of Area Rugs!

Every single carpet, skilfully handmade, becomes the result of a shared task that commences with the artisan and passes through the designer to reach the consumer, conveying emotions, passion and history.

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