The Road to a Better Life

Fast lane characteristics

You’re looking for outside knowledge, you know that you know nothing.

You’re actively focusing on the areas your good at and slowly trying to fix the areas your bad at.

You like spending money on things that improve you as a person such as books.

You love connecting with other people & learning from them in every way possible

You never complain.

You always find the positives in every situation.

You are able to stay cool under pressure.

You put your body to the test at least 3 times a week in some kind of sport.

You’re never proud of what you do.

Slow lane characteristics

For starters, you like complaining. A lot. Most of the time you’re having a hard time solving a problem, you start complaining about it rather than solving it.

You like spending too money on things that RRD (Rust Rot & Depreciate), some example of these things would be:


Luxury clothing

Fast food


Now, there is a time and place for these kinds of purchases but most of the time you’re just wasting away money without even realizing it.

Some think a smartphone is a good investment. That depends on how you use it.

If you’re using it to grow your network, stay in touch with relatives, build your business, etc.. Then it can be seen as a good investment.

Otherwise, it isn’t, when you spend most of your time checking Facebook, playing games… You know the answer.

You like spending time doing things that don’t challenge you.

You don’t like stepping out of your comfort zone.

You like relaxing more than you like challenging yourself.

You prefer to stay at home and watch television instead of going out of the house & testing yourself.

The question

Here’s the question you should ask yourself now.

which one do you relate to the most?

Be incredibly objective with yourself here otherwise you’re doing yourself harm rather than good.

If you find you have some slow lane characteristics, well than that’s great that you noticed that. Now work on improving those areas.

Find what is wrong & fix it.

— Nick

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