The Power of a Journal

We’ve all heard the advice about keeping a daily journal, writing down your thoughts… You know the drill.

Everyone seems to have a different perspective on this so I’ll share mine.

Ok, so let’s clear this up first: I journal.

Journaling is an amazing tool that can help you in any area of your life; whether it’s your finances, social life, training, learning, etc…

But, here’s the thing.

There are so many things out there about journaling such as: write 1000 words per day, 300 words per day, 500 words per day.

They all seem to miss the point.

Keep reading, you’ll love it.

First, answer this question: why are you journaling?

Are you trying to become a better person?

A better writer?

A better thinker?

Are you using it to learn new things?

Whatever it is you’re journalling for, always keep it in the back of your head while journalling.

Now, let’s debunk a common misconception together.

When journaling, you shouldn’t be focusing on the word count, you should be focused on writing as much as you can at that point in time.

You can make typos.

You can make stupid sentences.

You can make an illogical sentence.

You can curse.

You can do all of these things.

Just keep writing.

Whether you write 1000 words or 100 words, it doesn’t matter. Journaling helps you think more clearly.

There’s something magical about writing down your thoughts.

If you’ve been journaling for a while, you’ve noticed this without a doubt; when you stop an amazing journaling session, you feel relieved.

This surreal feeling just comes over you, a weight moves off of your shoulder, you can think more clearly, act with more passion & live more freely.

Now, here’s the reason I’m writing this for you.

There’s one thing you need to realize.

Here it is:

You should look at journaling as a habit, not something you do every once in a while.

The true power of journaling comes from daily writing.

It’s not about hitting that 1000 mark, far from it.

It’s about journaling daily.

The habit is more important than the result.

So, whenever you don’t feel like it, you’re tired, your mind is not there, you don’t feel like it.

Think about this:

The habit is more important than the action, focus on doing something small daily rather than something big once in a while.

So, if you don’t feel like writing, write down one sentences, two sentences. Create the habit & the rest will come.

Focus on the habit, not the result.

— Nick

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