The Art of Learning

The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin is an amazing book.

Josh was the chess kid from the book “Searching for bobby fisher”.

Some see him as prodigy, but that won’t help anybody.

In this book, he goes over his learning philosophy & how he handles himself in uncomfortable situations.

This is truly high-level stuff so you might want to read this.

What you’ll learn:

- How to Adopt a winner’s mindset, even while losing.

- The best approach towards learning.

- How to handle yourself in a distracting world.

You win some, you lose some

There is no winning without losing, it is through the process of losing that we cultivate our inner champion.

Don’t fall pray to the myth that says you have to have won everything since the day you were born.

Losing has its benefits, a lot of benefits.

Here’s how you can use losing to your advantage: reflect on your performance.

By reflecting on your performance when you lose, you’re seeing what you’re doing wrong in uncomfortable situations.

This is where all the growth happens.

Winning everything will not allow you to see the lessons losing can teach you.

Prepare to feel vulnerable

Embrace that the process of learning will make you incredibly vulnerable.

Learning can be amazing & fun, but the beauty of it all only lasts if you stay in your comfort zone.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is where you find true learning.

Be sure not to doubt yourself during these moments of doubts.

Doubt can cause you to fall into a downwards spiral so be careful.

Learn incrementally (step by step)

By taking the incremental approach to learning you are building a solid base for yourself right of the start.

If we learn things step by step, one small piece at a time, we start seeing the concepts & principles that keep it all together.

And through those principles & concepts, we allow ourselves to truly grasp a new idea or a new discipline rather than be caught in the chaos of learning.

Make your skills intuitive

Learning through repetition is something a lot of us discard, for whatever reason.

Altough may not be the optimal thing to do when it comes to mental training, for physical training, it’s hard to beat.

Recover, Smarter

We all need breaks, it’s hard to function properly without them.

But, here’s where the top performers are separated.

If you want to become a top performer, realize that even during your break you should be utilizing your time optimally.

A great way to achieve this is through meditation, it allows you to disconnect from everything & truly recover.

The ability to relax in short moments is a decisive factor in progress towards becoming a top performer.

Learning something every day.

— Nick

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