Working one day at a time

Magic happens when you start working toward a goal every day.

I started blogging a year and a half ago. For the first year, I only wrote technical articles that involved little to no emotion. My writing habit was occasional at best, and those posts took quite a while to write. Add in all the tests and fact-checking required, and I would be lucky to produce an article a month.

This year, I decided I would work on a small software side project,, so I could have a code base to call my own. My first idea was to do a small project to brush up my skills and write a few related posts from time to time, purely technical posts of course.

Pretty fast, the idea turned to blogging about the progress of my project and my challenges instead. But if I wanted to blog about thing as they were happening, I needed to do better than one post a month. After a few weeks, I was happily writing or coding almost everyday, just like this, since I had stories to tell.

This project is still very new, but after two months my new writing schedule has snuck on me. My workflow is now very different: I have to code to have stories, and I have to write things out while they are fresh to my mind. I don’t have many readers yet, but the people that are there are not just passing by for a quick technical fix.

Also, I now feel like I’m going forward instead of just throwing a random article to the wind from time to time. I’m only taking tiny step, but I know now that every little step builds momentum toward bigger things.

My journey is at the very beginning, but I’m already feeling the magic of doing some work every day and sharing it. Just get started! You won’t regret it.