Create your own Tidyverse Cheat Sheet

Feb 25, 2018 · 3 min read

Tool: Plectica

I use parts of the Introduction to Tidyverse course in my introductory Data Analytics course. My son and I have also been exploring Tidyverse together. While the Datacamp cheat sheet is well-designed and useful, we wanted to create cheat sheets customized to our needs .

We are using Plectica to create our Tideverse cheatsheet.

  1. Change the examples

Since the Introduction to Tidyverse course used the Gapminder dataset, we used the Gapminder dataset in examples. Since the Gapminder dataset was used throughout the course, we are familiar with the dataset. Using this dataset makes it easier to review the cheat sheet.

2. Highlight key concepts

In the map above, we created a card for different components of ggplot (aesthetics, geometries etc.). In this example, a single card with the entire ggplot command was not sufficient. Plectica support the creation of deeply-nested cards.

3. Use tags to document the journey

We are designing tags to mark our journey on the cheat sheet. Thus the cheat sheet is being transformed into a dynamic tool for tracking learning.

4. Make prior knowledge explicit

When we started our Tidyverse exploration, our son did not know R. However, he had some prior experience with Python. So we added cards making this background knowledge explicit. For example, since he is familiar with functions and function calls we can use those concepts while discussing R lessons.

5. Design activities to use the cheat sheet.

We use the cheat sheet for increasing fluency by talking about concepts in the cheat sheet. We also use the cheat sheet for organizing practice.

6. Use the cheat sheet to track progress

The cheat sheet spotlights key concepts and skills. Thus, it can be used to track the development of specific skills as well the growth of conceptual understanding.

Make your own cheat sheet!

  1. Check out our cheatsheet in Plectica here.
  2. Make a copy of the map.

3. Add, modify, and move cards to make your cheat sheet.

4. Share your cheat sheet with us and with the Datacamp community!

Learning by Playing it Forward

Practicing media making and transmedia storytelling


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Learning by Playing it Forward

Practicing media making and transmedia storytelling

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